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Issue 1 / August 2010

Download as ePub or Mobi

Experimentally, we are providing ePub and Mobi files for this issue. The quality of the display will vary according to the device or software you use. Please post comments if it works (or if it doesn't).

ePub format
Tested on a Kindle.
Mobi format
Tested on an iLiiad.
FB2 format
Tested in FBReader.

In both cases, the conversion was done using Calibre

PDF Download

PET is available in several PDF versions. Each is better or worse for different purposes, such as reading it on screen, on a device, or for printing.

Each version also has a standard and "colour" variants. The "standard" has source code highlighted in black and white, and shows links explicitly, like this: learn Python (

The "colour" variant has a more colorful source code highlighting, which makes it more suitable for on-screen reading, but not as nice to print. The links are clickable: learn Python.

Other than that, the contents are identical.

A4 landscape, 2 columns: [colour]
Easy to print, nice for wide screens, 36 pages.
A5 portrait: [colour]
Nice for narrow screens, 73 pages.
Booklet A4/A5: [colour]

You can't read this on a screen.

This version is intended to print two-sided on A4 pages, folded down the middle and stapled, producing an A5 booklet.

A4 portrait: [colour]
Good for duplex printers.
A special version with 11.5x9 cm pages, without margins, special for ebook readers. It has a few extra white pages, and some code fragments look too small.

Because of the way the PDF files are created, it's easy to create new versions. If you need another paper size, different margins, bigger type... email us at, it can be done!

Editors:Roberto Alsina, Emiliano Dalla Verde Marcozzi
Hosting:Courtesy of Net Managers SRL
Responsible editor:
 Roberto Alsina, Don Bosco 146 Dto 2, San Isidro, Argentina.

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